Attendance tracking is often seen as an underrated (and boring) topic. A reliable attendance tracking at your gym plays a crucial role in determining your future strategies. Unfortunately, many gyms don’t think about it all that much. Believe it or not, attendance tracking is an effective way to keep your gym’s retention numbers up.

Let’s dive in deep

An analysis of your attendance register can help you get an idea about your gym’s health. Let’s find out how.

  • It shows you care

When you track attendance, it shows your members that you really do care that they’re in the gym. They know their presence is noted, and that whether or not they come does indeed matter. Even more importantly, reaching out when a member hasn’t attended for a while shows that you miss them and that you look forward to seeing them in your school or gym again soon. Additionally, if your member management software triggers alerts when a member checks in and needs staff attention (such as to sign a waiver or pay an outstanding bill), taking care of those items when they walk in the door means that your follow ups with them between class can be focused on their progress and your curriculum, rather than bill collections and other administration issues.

  • It makes your product, and therefore your business, more successful

By tracking attendance, you can easily spot trends to help you maximize your product offering. If you notice that your Monday/Wednesday 6pm class is filled to the brim, you can consider offering a similar class at 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you see low attendance on Friday evenings, you may find that slot might be better filled by a targeted “invite only” or “limited time” class that would draw a bigger crowd. Do your students with 2x/week membership usually come both days they’re eligible? If so, maybe it’s time to trial a 3x/week option to increase your revenue.

By using an automated way to track attendance, you can concentrate on what really matters – making your students and your business hugely successful. Actively tracking attendance is a great way to help you identify which members may be at risk of leaving your gym, studio or school.

  • Loyal and the not-so-loyal members
    Attendance register can help you find out members who come to the gym regularly and renew their memberships on time. These loyal members can be appreciated with reward points whereas feedback from the not-so-loyal members can help you find out the problems within your gym. And
    The one-time setup cost of these devices are high but they do offer you complete security and peace of mind.

Now, how do I track attendance?

Tracking attendance has never been difficult. Let’s list out a few options:

  • Manual attendance recording
    Like the good old days, keep a register at your admin desk (with a pen) and let your members mark their in / out times. Though this method is cheap and simple, it is cumbersome for members to fumble their phones for checking the time and is prone to error. It also takes a lot of time to search for past attendance.
  • QR codes
    QR codes have changed how businesses work to a great extent. They are seen on products, newspaper ads and even billboards! Yes, they can also be used to mark attendance. Simply print your gym’s unique code and paste it on your gym door. Your members can easily scan it while entering/leaving the gym.
    If you are wondering, what if the staff takes home the code and keeps marking the attendance without stepping into the gym? Well, there is a solution. You can opt for QR codes that change daily!
  • Access Control devices
    These devices are fitted with the door or the turnstile at your gym. They either work with RFID tags or fingerprints. Moreover, when connected to a CRM these devices can restrict access for members whose membership has expired. So no more ’free’ days.
    The one-time setup cost of these devices are high but they do offer you complete security and peace of mind.


These methods when clubbed in a CRM can bring you meaningful insights. For example Fitqui, analyses the attendance pattern at your gym and shows you a heatmap with the gym’s busiest and empty hours. It also shows you how your attendance is split between the morning and the afternoon sessions. Moreover, just like the chat apps, Fitqui also shows the ‘last seen status’ of your members.

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