Myth on COVID from Gym

Gyms for Imm-unity not Covid-unity


    Stress, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, what do doctors recommend to prevent these? The answer is as we all know a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular exercise. Gyms are not only to shape our muscles, they shape our lifestyle.

    Pandemic and lockdown have changed our perspective towards these fitness centers. Many believe that these fitness centers are the ‘hotspots’ for Covid virus but fail to understand how it is spreading. According to current evidence from the WHO, the virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes. Covid-19 is a respiratory virus with the potential to cause a major cardio-respiratory illness. It is possible to reduce the impact of the infection by improving cardio-respiratory fitness. Home workouts might seem the best option right now to counter the virus from immunity but there are several factors that need to be taken in consideration. For example, body builders who have just recovered or are recovering from the virus need to exercise as per the recovery rate and not go all out at once..

                Exercise has a key role to play for those whose ongoing symptoms are due to deconditioning and post- viral fatigue.  Initially there will be a degree of trial and error but once established, it should be possible to map-out graded exercise programs.  If the patient has significant respiratory damage, the oxygen saturation levels in the blood may decrease on exercise. It is important to recognize that the rate of recovery will vary between individuals and will partly depend on the additional medical problems they may have. Then there are SOPs that we should take seriously in order to stop the spread and make going to the gyms common again.

According to new research from the CDC, it was found that gyms could be the hotspot for COVID-19 outbreaks if people refused to wear face masks, even if they follow social distancing guidelines.

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