Health Importance post Covid and its Impacts!

The year 2020 will always be known as the year of the Covid and the beginning of a New Normal. With millions infected it became a global threat spreading like a wildfire and took the world by storm. 

The pandemic impacted our lives too, with lock-downs, social distancing measures, self-isolation, mandatory face masks, and work from home becoming the new reality. Most of us have adjusted and got used to these radical lifestyle changes. This pandemic also brought home the realization of how unpredictable our lives are. Self-health and the well-being of our family and friends became the number one priority. Never has the importance of health been so critical. 

Increased awareness and the desire to beat the virus brought about a health revolution. We are looking for a healthier lifestyle and immunity-boosting solutions. The covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the health industry. While vaccinations have been introduced and are being administered, a radical shift towards a healthy lifestyle is the way forward. Globally Health and Fitness have picked up massively as the sure-shot tools to fight the deadly virus. 

Research shows the extent to which the pandemic has impacted attitudes towards personal wellbeing and self-care, and it’s encouraging to see the increased importance that many people are now placing on looking after their own and others’ health.

So, Get up and get going – Pledge to be healthy and fit. 

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