Why should you switch to new-age Fitqui Gym management Software


Why should you switch to new-age Fitqui Gym management Software ?


Having a mobile app for your gym is an opportunity to engage with your customers and bring in new ones.

If you have a gym, or even if you’re just a personal trainer, scheduling software for your mobile app can help your clients with a variety of tasks, like booking training sessions, browsing services, and overall, improving how they interact with your gym.

In 2019, there were over 68 million smartphone users who used one fitness app at least once a month.

And that number is only growing.

Managing a gym is no easy task.

It can take a considerable amount of time to manage things like client records and memberships, classes, employee schedules and more.

This is where gym management software comes in, also sometimes referred to as scheduling, fitness, or membership software.

Fitqui Software  comes up  with both employee and client portals, along with a number of other useful features. 

fitqui gym management software is a type of software that provides fitness businesses the functionality needed to manage all aspects of their business and efficiently operate their studio.

Multiple portals

This feature allows you, the gym owner, the ability to log into the software to access specific features, like scheduling employees for shifts or accessing customer records. 

Fitqui have a separate login portal for all Gym Owners, Trainers & Customers who will have access to their own set of features.

Employees may be able to view their schedule,and customers may be able to book training sessions or pay for their membership.

Scheduling and Membership Management

The main highlight of Fitqui gym management software is that it allows you to manage and Check your clients and employees’ schedules.

Customers can easily reserve classes online and the gym owner can easily manage the schedules.

Product Management

Some gyms offer multi-tier memberships or even gym merchandise. 

A great feature for gym management software is having product management tools that let gym owners create an online store where they can create and track inventory.

Gym Management Software Market

Customers can make purchases online, whether it’s merchandise or buying/upgrading their membership.

Integrated Billing

Fitqui has the features to automate your billing , meaning customer records are up-to-date and payments are done more efficiently.

Digital Contracts

Another great feature you can find in Fitqui gym management software solutions is the ability to create contracts digitally, which help streamline the customer signup process.

Text and Email Communication

Fitqui will often allow you to communicate more efficiently with your customers and staff through text messaging and emails.

This new channel of communication can also be used for marketing purposes, like sending appointment reminders, promotions, and referral opportunities.

Marketing and Retention Tools

Fitqui allows you to automatically engage with customer leads as well as track and optimize the performance of your email campaigns.

Additionally, you can increase your member retention by sending automatic targeted and personalized communications via text, email, or push notifications.

Analytics Tools

Similar to the marketing and retention tools feature, Fitqui offers analytics tools to help you keep track of additional metrics like business revenue, member demographics, and user engagement.

Fitqui allows you to gather these kinds of metrics that will help your gym improve efficiency and operate better.

Mobile App Integration

As mentioned earlier, Fitqui offering gym management SaaS offer some form of mobile app integration so gym Owners, Trainers, Customers  can benefit from various features right from your mobile device.

Should You Use Fitqui Gym Management Software?

Gym management software isn’t only for gym owners. 

This kind of scheduling software can be used for all kinds of businesses that would benefit from the services listed in the previous section.

Martial arts and training centers, yoga studios, spas, salons, dance studios, and others can all use fitness software as a solution for managing memberships and classes.

Fitqui  offers a core set of features, like automated billing and scheduling capabilities; some will offer more specialized features for specific businesses. Fitqui has been recognized as a top solution for club management, membership management, yoga studios, and fitness studios. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Fitqui and how we can help your gym, we’d love to hear from you.

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