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    Move Your Fitness Business To Fitqui

    We’ll take care of uploading your old data at no extra cost. All you need to do is send us the data in a specific Excel format.

    Yes, owners, trainers and staff can download the Fitqui Gym Management  app available on App Store and Play Store.

    You can easily schedule follow-ups with enquiries and members from Fitqui Gym management App. Your daily follow-ups will be shown on the Dashboard exactly where it meets your eyes so you do not miss them. Follow-ups can also be managed from the Fitqui Gym Management app.

    Yes, members can download the Fitqui Gym Management  app from App Store or Play Store for free. Inside the app they can view their ongoing and past memberships, workout plans and diet.

    You connect with your members over multiple channels like email, SMS, push notification and Whatsapp.

    • Email: You can send unlimited emails to your members.
    • SMS: It is a paid service and you need to buy SMS credits to start sending SMS.
    • Push notification: You can send notifications to members who have downloaded the mobile app and allowed notification
    • Whatsapp: You can start a chat with the member over web Whatsapp directly from Fitqui Gym Management Software.
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