10 Brilliant fitness event ideas for your gym

In the first six months, new gym members quit, either due to high costs or they move to another local gym. This means you’ll need to find a way to get new gym members while still maintaining the interest of your current members.

You might want to take a more creative approach to attract new customers.

79% of marketers say that they’ve generated sales using event marketing. Marketing Charts found that 68% of marketers agree that live events help generate the most leads.

We found 13 brilliant gym event ideas that are sure to build your gym.

You can host the following gym events at your establishment or in a large rented space. Each event is sure to help improve your signups, brand awareness, and allow you to network with local fitness influencers.

Let’s begin…

Idea #1 – In-Club Competitions Or Challenges

Competitions and challenges are a great way to build a sense of community, which in turn boosts retention. Make them fair and appealing to everyone by having categories for different abilities and training targets (e.g. time, distance, or calories).

Think carefully about whether you run a competition or a fitness challenge, as they’re slightly different. Competitions have a winner so tend to appeal to the more competitive members (funnily enough). A challenge on the other hand can be more inclusive since everyone who completes it is considered successful.

There are arguments for and against each option, but ultimately it’ll depend on what your members are likely to prefer.

Idea #2 – Tasting Events

Launch new products or menus by organising tasting events for clients. People love to sample smoothies, healthy snacks, or even entire seasonal menus! Encourage them to post about their experience on social media, and spread the word about your new offering.

Gym Event Idea #3 – Socials

Why not go out for a group dinner after your Friday night Spin class? Or a non-alcoholic night out on the town? It’ll build social bonds between participants, so they’re less likely to quit. You can even promote it as part of the class so that everyone feels welcome.

Gym Event Idea #4 – An Audience With…

Invite celebrities or authority figures to give a talk or be interviewed by a member of staff. People love to hear stories and get insider access to knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise have. The speaker gets to promote their latest book/podcast/product and you give your members additional value = win/win.

Gym Event Idea #5 – Train For A Local Event

Not all gym event ideas need to be organised in-house – you can also take advantage of those run by others. Identify nearby events such as Tough Mudder or Colour Runs, then create specific programs and training sessions for them. You can even compete as a team, and have t-shirts made to get extra brand visibility on race day.

Fitness Event Idea #6 – Offer Community Seminars

Get involved in your local community by running fitness seminars on popular topics. Why not arrange a 45 minute seminar on healthy family meals, active ageing exercises, or meditation for stress? Make sure you encourage people to invite a friend for free, then collect all their details during registration so you can market to them afterwards.

Gym Event Idea #7 – Hold In-House Workshops

These offer greater flexibility than courses since they’re one-off events that don’t need a long term commitment. Workshops tend to have a practical, hands-on element as opposed to seminars which are usually more focused on theory.

Gym Event Idea #8– Gym Launch Events

Launch events ensure that new marketing campaigns start with a bang. Whether you’re opening a brand new club, trying to generate pre-sales, or launching a new product, events are super-effective.

Invite local journalists along to try out your new class, venue, or equipment, so that your launch generates even more coverage and awareness. Promote it on social media and invite all of your existing database to take part.

Gym Event Idea #9 – Organise Retreats Or Fitness Holidays

Wellness tourism is growing 50% faster than other travel sectors, and offers huge revenue potential. Organising weekend retreats or health-oriented holidays for your clients can substantially boost your income. Plus it develops a community-feel which boosts loyalty.

Gym Event Idea #10 – Partner With Complimentary Businesses

Partner with another local business to run a combined event together. You’ll get to reach their audience and generates new leads, and they get the same in return. Pick a complimentary one that doesn’t offer competing services, such as a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage studio, smoothie bar, health food cafe, or nutritionist.

Putting Your Gym Event Ideas Into Action

Now that you have lots of awesome gym event ideas, it’s time to put them into action. Here are a few quick tips that’ll help you run a successful event…

  • Be clear about your purpose – why are you doing an event? What’s your end goal?
  • Get organised – make a project plan or checklist of everything that needs doing.
  • Remember the tiny details – it’s the small things that really impress people.
  • Include gifts & giveaways – choose good-quality items that people wear, carry, or use regularly (such as tees, canvas bags, or water bottles) so that other people will see your branding.
  • Have a promo plan – know how you’ll generate attendees from the start (no-one wants an event with empty seats).
  • Get feedback – so you can evaluate what worked well and how to improve next time.

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