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Why Choose Fitqui?

FITQUI is a new one of kind health science and gym management software with its vision of merging fitness, health, well-being, human performance with a significant input of technology.  This new eco system will ease the life of many gyms and gyms users.  Fitqui believes to make workout sessions hassle free and approachable to all.  

What makes Fitqui unique?

Gym Management Software


Gym Management Software


Fitqui Customer App
Gym Management Software


Gym Management Software


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Complete solution for gym & Fitness Business

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All-in-one gym membership management software made for gyms & health club

Fitqui provides an ecosystem for Gym Owners, Users & Trainers on AI-based tech platforms with custom-made solutions. Have your own Gym app. Not just this, it's an opportunity for Gym owners to add value and give digital experience to their clients. Analyze your business growth with detailed report systems to give you a vision and measures to manage gym activities. Provide live sanitization, Live Gym traffic to all members. Seamless follow-ups.

Empowering Gym & fitness

Read how customers around the world use Fitqui to build & run amazing businesses.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Yunus Shaikh - Fitqui
Yunus Shaikh
Akshay Kolhatkar - Fitqui
Akshay Kolhatkar
Mahendra Chavan - Fitqui
Mahendra Chavan
Sushant - Fitqui
Sushant Sisodia

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